We make a real difference in microbiology

clever culture systems APAS Independence culture plate loading
Innovation that creates benefits for labs
Our modular automation solutions address the biggest challenges for microbiologists to maximise laboratory efficiency.
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Intelligent automation
clever culture systems APAS Independence culture plate loading
Culture plate being inspected by APAS Independence
What’s our secret?
Our technologies are designed by microbiologists for microbiologists — so they meet the needs of laboratories and seamlessly integrate within any workflow.
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AI for microbiology
Our team
Our team is highly experienced in microbiology, quality, laboratory automation and artificial intelligence and diagnostics.
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PEople & Partners
APAS Independence culture plate streaking

APAS technology platform

Our APAS (Automated Plate Assessment System) technology is changing the way microbiologists read and interpret culture plates.

Global approval
Our robust, data-driven approach has led to global-first regulatory clearances for culture plate reading across multiple applications.
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APAS Independence
APAS Independence Global approval by country

Proven performance

Scientific library

The APAS Independence technology is proven in clinical trials and referenced in more than 25 publications in leading academic journals.

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Scientific library

Clever Culture Systems is a wholly-owned subsidiary of LBT Innovations (ASX.LBT).

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