Digital Microbiology Culture Plate Reading

APAS Web User Interface
The APAS Independence technology offers laboratories enhanced digital workflows through a secure APAS Web User Interface.
Review from anywhere

Our APAS Web User Interface allows results to be instantly reviewed from any computer or workstation on the company network.

Digital microbiology workflows

This means the review of high quality culture plate images and detailed reports can be performed at your desk — another benefit for staff flexibility.

Digital review of results

Automatically sort results by different categories
An icon representing significant growth
Significant growth
An icon representing review
An icon representing no significant growth
Non-significant growth
An icon representing no growth
Customisable review options with a list or tiled image function
Screen displaying session plate list from the APAS Independence interface

Detailed per-plate reports

AI-enabled bounding boxes identifying areas of microbial growth
Images representative of a culture plate in hand
Easy-to-use features for colony counting and plate measurements
Exportable digital record of plate results for enhanced traceability
Want to learn more about APAS?
See why the Health Services Laboratories (HSL) flagship laboratory in the UK introduced the APAS Independence for digital microbiology culture plate reading.
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APAS Independence in lab
"It’s quite exciting to be the first in the UK to use the APAS Independence. The instrument has delivered on its promise, providing workflow efficiencies and is functioning well. The future potential of the instrument is great with the opportunity to expand into other areas, such as other high-volume negative screening applications, additional media and antibiotic susceptibility tests."
Alan Williams, Lead Clinical Scientist, HSL