What is APAS Independence?

APAS is an acronym for Automated Plate Assessment System. APAS Independence is our stand-alone laboratory instrument that automates theimaging, interpretation and reporting of microbial growth on culture platemedia for clinical and pharmaceutical microbiology applications.

How does APAS Independence work?

The APAS Independence can process batches of up to 240 culture plates automatically. It captures digital images of culture plate media and in real time sorts plates within the instrument based on the presence or absence of microbial growth. The technology is based on an intelligent AI image analysis system using proprietary machine learning algorithms.

Do I have to use a particular type or brand of culture media?

The APAS Independence has been developed to work with many different types and brands of agars across a range of different applications. It works with the most popular brands of culture media used by microbiologists.

Will the APAS Independence fit into my laboratory?

The APAS Independence has a modest footprint of 2000mm by 800mm (79" x 31"). It is floor-standing and requires no bench space.

Can I use my current culturing method?

Yes. The APAS Independence does not require any specific streaking or sample collection method. Laboratories can continue to use their current automated plate inoculation system or manual method.

Do I need to buy new incubators?

No. The APAS Independence does not require specific incubators and will work with your current incubation processes.

Do I need to change my workflow?

The APAS Independence is designed to integrate easily into your current workflow. Designed by microbiologists for microbiologists, the instrument separates non-significant plates from those requiring additional attention. The intelligent software provides meaningful culture plate reports to enhance and streamline your downstream workflows.

How many plates per hour will the APAS Independence process?

The APAS Independence automatically processes and reports results for approximately 200 culture plates per hour.

Can the APAS Independence read bi-plates in addition to whole culture plates?

Yes. The APAS Independence has specific applications tailored to the use of bi-plates.

Can I review the images of the culture plates the instrument has processed?

Yes. The APAS Independence employs an APAS Web User Interface that allows images and culture plate reports to be reviewed from any computer on the laboratory network and remotely. The images are saved and can be reviewed for 45 days from processing, with backup options available.

Does the APAS Independence meet the requirements of the FDA’s Title 21 CFR Part 11?

Yes. The APAS Independence system has all of the required features to enable compliance with Title 21 CFS Part 11 or PIC/S Guide Annex 11 for electronic records.

Where can I buy the APAS Independence?

Contact Clever Culture Systems to see if the APAS Independence is available in your region.

Can I trial the APAS Independence in my lab?

Contact Clever Culture Systems to organise a trial of the instrument in your lab.

Who is Clever Culture Systems?

Clever Culture Systems is a wholly-owned subsidiary of LBT Innovations (ASX: LBT). LBT Innovations is a groundbreaking designer of advanced technology solutions for the medical industry.