Infection control

An essential task for clinical microbiology laboratories is infection control screening for drug-resistant pathogens, such as MRSA or VRE.
APAS Independence culture plate loading

Reading negative culture plates is time-intensive

Colonisation for these drug-resistant organisms is generally rare.
This means that a large proportion of microbiologist time dedicated to infection control – typically more than 90% - is spent reading plates returning a negative result.
Petri plate of Methicillin resistant Staphylococci MRSA bacteria

APAS Independence Infection Control Analysis Module features

Auto-result release
Integrate with your laboratory’s existing LIMS to immediately release negative results as they are processed on theinstrument
Colony detection
Detects and differentiates the presence of colonies displaying target colours on chromogenic media based on the manufacturers’ guidelines.
User interface
Reports are displayed via the APAS Web User Interface and easily accessible from any networked workstation.
Growth detection
Accurately detects colonies at plate edges and those obscured by labels and other plate markings.
APAS Independence interface displaying infection control testing results

Proven APAS Independence performance

APAS Independence is trustworthy, verified and validated
Regulatory cleared in the United States, Europe and Australia.
Performance demonstrated in IVD studies.
Referenced in more than 25 scientific publications in leading academic journals.
APAS Independence can process 200 culture plates per hour - ~3 times faster than manual reading.
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Scientifc Library
"Using the APAS Independence we are able to manage our MRSA reads using only one staff member, enabling us to redeploy staff to work on developmental projects or areas of higher impact in the laboratory."
Alan Williams, Lead Clinical Scientist, HSL
1Krienke, S., Nowag, A., Wisplinghoff, H.,Giglio, S., Wirth, S. and Jazmati, N. 2021 Validation of APAS Independence(CCS) AI-Algorithms to detect MRSA in a routine setup. ECCMID 2021. Online.