APAS Independence

Setting the standard for microbiology culture plate reading.
Loading plates into the APAS Independence
Automated Plate Assessment System (APAS).
APAS Independence is a stand-alone instrument that automates the imaging, interpretation and reporting of microbial growth on culture plate media for laboratories.
APAS Independence in lab
APAS — Simple walk away automation
APAS Independence is designed for its ease of use. Simply initiate a session and walk away while the APAS Independence autonomously reads, interprets, sorts and validates results — automatically.

How does APAS technology work?

The APAS Independence provides intelligent automation solutions for the highest-value activities within clinical microbiology labs. APAS has achieved regulatory clearances in the US, Europe and Australia.

Sample collection
Collect samples using your processes and media.
End-point reading
Culture plates are bulk-loaded into the APAS instrument following incubation.
Imaging system chamber
High quality, reproduceable images of culture plates are captured.
Uniform lighting
A custom and patented design ensures the image is free from reflective interferences and representative of a plate-in-hand.
Image quality
Every image is checked for integrity and simple daily QC checks ensure the system is performing within specification.
Intelligent sorting
AI-algorithms automatically interpret microbial growth and plates are sorted into neat stacks for further processing.
High through-put
The instrument can automatically process 200 culture plates per hour — without manual intervention — 3 times the speed of manual handling.
Real-time reporting
Each result is sent to the LIMS in real-time as it is processed, enabling a faster turnaround time for reporting.
APAS Independence culture plate loading
Learn how APAS Independence streamlines lab workflows
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"The APAS Independence helps drive consistency in the lab through the introduction of an objective automated approach to routine lab processes."
Alan Williams, Lead Clinical Scientist, HSL

APAS Independence at a glance

An icon depicting Fast
200 plate per hour throughput to read, interpret and digitally report
An icon depicting Accuracy
Scientifically proven, improving standardisation of results
An icon depicting Cost Effective
Cost effective
Streamlines workflow, efficiently removes plates from manual review
An icon depicting time saving
Validated with major media suppliers, no proprietary media

APAS Independence specifications

General Description

APAS Independence is an Automated Culture Plate Reader

Imaging Time

Minimum throughput 200 plates per hour

Input Stack

4 cassettes / 60 plates per cassette

240 plate capacity

Plate Compatibility

Full plates / bi-plates / Settle Plates 90mm plates

Contact plates 55-60mm

Dimensions (L x W x H)

2000mm x 800mm x 1600mm | 78.74" x 31.5" x 62.99"



LIMS Interface

Multiple formats supported


330kg | 727.5lb

Operating Environment

Ambient temperature range | 15°C–27°C | 59°F-81°F

Humidity: 20% - 80% (non-condensing indoor use)

Altitude: Sea level to 2000m | 6562ft

Noise Specifications

Noise level shall not exceed:

Continuous: 58dBA at 1m | 3.3ft

Peaks: 70dBA at 1m | 3.3ft

Electrical Input

90-240VAC, 50-60Hz, 6 Amps


12 months from date of commissioning