Validation Support

Implementing APAS Independence
APAS Independence is designed by microbiologists for microbiologists. We consider customers end-to-end workflow to ensure APAS Independence can easily integrated with existing processes.

Minimal change to your existing process

The APAS Independence integrates seamlessly with existing laboratory practices streamlining integration with current ways of working.

Validating APAS Independence
No change is required to culture media supplier and current incubation protocols are maintained
Downstream processes are unchanged — cultured organisms are available for ID
No-growth culture plates do not require any action — plates with growth are sorted for confirmation
APAS Independence culture plate screening
APAS Independence workflow diagram

APAS Independence implementation

Clever Culture Systems offers a suite of services to assist customers in implementing the APAS Independence within their standard processes and workflows.

Primary Validation Package
Installation Qualification (IQ)
Operational Qualification (OQ)
Functional Qualification (FQ)
LIMS Integration Support

Primary Validation package

Clever Culture Systems offer a comprehensive Primary Validation package to support customers implement APAS Independence within their laboratory.

APAS Independence Primary Validation testing
The APAS Independence has been scientifically validated to perform with proven equivalency to current lab methods.
Performance reports are available demonstrating the suitability of APAS Independence as an alternative microbiological method to meet the compendial requirements, USP <1223>, Ph Eur 5.1.6, USP <61>, Ph Eur 2.6.12.

Summary of APAS Independence primary validation

plate images captured
microbiologist plate reads
~3 million
colonies counted
Nine organisms
covering a broad range of genera and species