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APAS Independence – Artificial intelligence by microbiologists for microbiologists

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What is APAS?
APAS is the acronym for Automated Plate Assessment System.

It is a revolutionary, best-in-class technology for the automated reading, interpretation and reporting of microbial growth on culture plates.
Culture plate being inspected by APAS Independence
Inside APAS Independence
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How does it work?
The automated instrument (APAS Independence) uses advanced imaging and sophisticated AI algorithms to identify, interpret and count microbial growth on culture media.
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What does it offer labs?
It provides a greater level of consistency, traceability and data integrity to your laboratory workflow.
Culture plate being inspected by APAS Independence

APAS Independence benefits for laboratories

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Free up microbiologist time

Automatically remove negative plates from the workflow

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Rapid through-put

APAS reads 200 culture plates per hour with minimal interaction

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Proven efficiency

Intelligent automation to streamlines culture plate reading workflows

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Better data integrity

Eliminates variability and subjectivity of results

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Automated reporting

Reports results directly to your LIMS

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Easy integration and operation

Simple installation and training

"Using the APAS Independence we are able to manage our MRSA reads using only one staff member, enabling us to redeploy staff to work on developmental projects or areas of higher impact in the laboratory."
Alan Williams, Lead Clinical Scientist, HSL
"The implementation of the APAS Independence has been a really positive experience. Our staff, have found the instrument easy to use, intuitive and a real time saver, which eliminated any potential resistance to the technology."
Alan Spratt, Head of Department, Infection Sciences, HSL
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Performance has been proven in IVD studies and referenced in more than 25 scientific publications in leading academic journals.

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Want to learn more about APAS?
See why The Halo, Health Services Laboratories (HSL) flagship laboratory in the UK introduced the APAS Independence for automated culture plate reading.
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"It’s quite exciting to be the first in the UK to use the APAS Independence. The instrument has delivered on its promise, providing workflow efficiencies and is functioning well. The future potential of the instrument is great with the opportunity to expand into other areas, such as other high-volume negative screening applications, additional media and antibiotic susceptibility tests (AST)."
Alan Williams, Lead Clinical Scientist, HSL